Ready for the Post-Covid Technology Fallout?

If you’re waking up and jumping onto Zoom calls, updating your stock to your new or upgrades e-commerce website, or creating new digital offerings for your now lock-downed customers you’re already in the “blast-zone” for guaranteed incoming technology issues!

Linking back to our earlier article on Technology Debt and how to reduce it, emergency technology adoption has created the perfect storm. Left unmanaged, the new technology will quickly become increasingly complex and leave organizations with previously less experience in IT management struggling to manage IT costs, data, and even security. In this article, we’ll cover some key domains on how to manage your new IT.

The first key domain of IT is managing your IT costs. If you're an avid SaaS user make sure you’re tracking your application usage. Many SaaS applications scale with the number of users, so it's essential to only track if your team is actually using the application or you might be wasting your IT budget. If you’ve built a custom solution hosted on cloud services like AWS or Azure, ensure you’ve optimized your cloud services to minimize costs.

Manage your data records following regulatory requirements. You may have adopted many tools and systems to help engage with your customers digitally, but are you managing their data records in compliance with your industry and geographies customer data regulations? Consider reviewing your business's data usage and retention policies to avoid any fines as you continue growing your customer database.

Ensure your networks, applications, and infrastructure security scales. As your business grows with technology, so does the number of potential security vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity application and security testing scripts could protect your staff, business, or customer data from being exploited.

Businesses spend millions trying to fix IT issues that arise due to poor management. If you start now, you can prevent the potential headaches that may arise from your COVID technology.

If you’re looking for help managing your technology our team at Kinetics offers free technology assessments! Otherwise, check out, to try out our technology management tool.

Kinetics is an adaptive workspace for your team to collaborate & scale seamlessly with technology.

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Kinetics Software

Kinetics Software

Kinetics is an adaptive workspace for your team to collaborate & scale seamlessly with technology.

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